Все наши проекты:


НазваниеНомерДата выхода
Lonely And BlueMonument SM 140021961
Roy Orbison At The Rock HouseSun LP 12601961
CryingMonument SM 14007Май 1962
Roy Orbison's Greatest HitsMonument M 4009Август 1962
Orbiting With Roy Orbison and Bristow HopperPickwick SDLP-1641962
Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits (re issue)Monument MLP 80001963
In DreamsMonument SLP 18003Июль 1963
Demand Performances (compilation)Monument SLP 180101963
In Dreams (re issue with green and gold label)Monument SLP 180031964
Early OrbisonMonument SLP 18023Октябрь 1964
More Of Roy Orbison's Greatest HitsMonument SLP 18024Июль 1964
There Is Only One Roy OrbisonMGM SE 4308Сентябрь 1965
There Is Only One Roy Orbison (Capitol Club edition)MGM/Capitol ST 904541965
OrbisongsMonument SLP 18035Декабрь 1965
The Orbison WayMGM SE 4322Февраль 1966
The Orbison Way (Capitol Club Edition)MGM/Capitol ST 906311966
The Classic Roy OrbisonMGM SE 4379Сентябрь 1966
The Classic Roy Orbison (Capitol Club Edition)MGM/Capitol ST 909281966
The Very Best Of Roy Orbison (purple and blue cover)Monument SLP 18045Сентябрь 1966
Roy Orbison Sings Don GibsonMGM SE 4424Январь 1967
Roy Orbison Sings Don Gibson (Capitol Club)MGM/Capitol ST 911731967
The Fastest Guitar AliveMGM SE 4475Июнь 1967
Cry Softly Lonely OneMGM SE 4514Сентябрь 1967
Roy Orbison's Many MoodsMGM SE 4636Май 1968
The Original Sound Of Roy OrbisonSun 1131969
The Great Songs Of Roy OrbisonMGM SE 46591970
Hank Williams-The Roy Orbison WayMGM SE 46831970
Zig Zag (movie soundtrack)MGM 1 SE 21st1970
Roy Orbison SingsMGM SE 48351972
All-Time Greatest Hits Of Roy OrbisonCBS PZ 314841972
MemphisMGM SE 48671972
MilestonesMGM SE 4934Сентябрь 24, 1973
I'm Still In Love With YouMercury SRM 10451974
The Living Legend Of Roy OrbisonCandlelite P2-129461975
RegenerationMonument MG 76001976
All-Time Greatest Hits Of Roy Orbison (re issue)Monument MP 86001976
Roy Orbison's Greatest HitsMonument MC 66191977
In DreamsMonument MC 66201977
More Of Roy Orbison's Greatest HitsMonument MC 66211977
The Very Best Of Roy OrbisonMonument MC 66221977
Laminar FlowAsylum 6E 198Июль 1979
Roadie (movie soundtrack)Warner Bros 2HS 34411980
My Spell On YouHits Unlimited 233 01982
Class Of 55 (width Lewis, Cash and Perkins)America/Smash AR LP1001985
Class Of 55Polygram 830 002-11985
Class Of 55 (Interview album)America/Smash AR/LP100 11985
Insignificance (movie soundtrack)Zenith ZTT 1Q41985
Blue Velvet (movie soundtrack)Varese Sarabande STV812921986
The Great Roy OrbisonSilver Eagle SE 10461986
In Dreams-The Greatest HitsVirgin 90604 1Июль 1987
Less Than Zero (movie soundtrack)Def Jam/Columbia SC440421987
Hiding Out (movie soundtrack)Virgin 790661-11987
For The LonelyRhino 714931988
Traveling Wilburys Volume 1Wilbury 1 27576Октябрь 1988
Mystery GirlVirgin 791058 1 Январь 1989
Our Love SongCBS AK 45113Май 1989
Best Loved StandardsCBS AK 45114Май 1989
Rare OrbisonCBS AK 45115Май 1989
The All-Time Greatest Hits of Roy OrbisonCBS AGK 451161989
Polaroy (promo for A Black And White Night)Virgin CD PRCDPolaroy1989
A Black And White Night LiveVirgin 91295Nov 1989
Classic Roy Orbison 1965-1968Rhino R2 707111989
The Singles Collection 1965-1973Polydor 839234 11989
The Sun YearsRhino R2 709161989
The Legendary Roy OrbisonCBS CD Box Set1990
Rare Orbison IICBS AK 454041990
Roy Orbison/Little RichardRCA 9969 2 R1990
King Of HeartsVirgin 86520Октябрь 20, 1992
Shades Of Roy OrbisonSony A249911994
The Very Best Of Roy OrbisonVirgin 423501996
Combo ConcertOrbison Records HCC196501997
Interview CDOrbison Records1997
Live At The BBCMastertone 8224Февраль 1998
A Black And White NightOrbison Records ROBW7891-21998
Roy Orbison-The AnthologyOrbison Records ORB3805-21999
Official Authorized BootlegOrbison Records ORB3803-21999
A Black And White Night (remastered)Orbison Records ORB3813-22000
Live At Austin City LimitsOrbison Records ORB3812 22000