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A New Star

(Words & Music by Roy Orbison & Bill Dees)

The evening sun is falling
That old blue moon is calling
My guardian angel in the sky came through
To help all my dreams come true

there's a new star.

There's a new star coming tonight,
There's a new love burning so bright
For a new star of love is born
Between the earth and sky
For you and I.

There's a new star

The moon was dull,
The sky was cold and gray
There were no stars
To light my lonely way

And then I traced
the lovelight in your eyes
To a new star
twinkling in the sky

Burning bright, day and night
Now I'm alright,
Now we're together, lovers forever
A new star, a new star to light our way

There's a new star burning for us,
There's a new world turning for us
There's a new star sparkling in the sky.
There's a new star shining somewhere
And we know the reason why

There's a new star way up there
For a true love
A new star for our love
Will never die.