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The Comedians

(Words & Music by Elvis Costello)

I sat there alone upon the ferris wheel
A pastel colored carriage in the air
I thought you'd leave me danglin' for a little while
A silly twist upon a childish dare.
Below I saw you whispering to another man
Who held the lever that could bring me down
He'd stop the world from turning at your command
It's always something cruel that laughter drowns
And I 'm up while the dawn is breaking
Even though my heart is aching
I should be drinking a toast
To absent friends
Instead of these

I can hardly hear the music from the carousel
The wind picks up, the carriage star ts to sway
As one by one the lights go out
It's closing time
I see you take his hand and walk away
Walk away

They say that you will always be the last to know
They say that all that glitters is not gold
It's not just that you're never coming back to me
It's the bitter way that I was told
And I'm up while the dawn is breakin'
Eve n though my heart is achin'
I should be drinkin' a toast
To absent friends
Instead of these